Moving towards a closed-loop of quality assurance for biopharma cold chain in China

It’s estimated that biopharma companies lose approximately $2 billion in revenue each year as a result of persistent supply reliability challenges. Recent reforms by Chinese government continue to invest in efforts to address supply chain issues. These new policies could have significant impacts on how multinational drug makers approach the Chinese market and how local pharmaceutical companies establish a closed-loop of quality control system for end-to-end biopharma supply chain.

Following the discussions in the past 8 years, the Annual Biopharma Supply Chain Asia Summit 2018 will go on the focus on biopharma cold chain. However, the globe of topics will be expanded to the entire biopharma supply chain, including interconnected value chain, digital transformation of supply chain, pharma Internet of Things (IoT), clinical supply chain and more.


在过去的8年里,我们与资深的业内同行在峰会中共同探讨中国市场生物医药冷链的挑战并分享最佳实践。2018生物医药供应链亚洲峰会在继续关注生物医药冷链的同时,也将议程讨论范围从单纯冷链扩大至供应链管理, 重点议题包括政策法规的分析和影响、生物医药价值链、可追溯系统的建立和质量监控、生物医药供应链数字化管理、医药供应链智能化技术、临床试验供应链管理等等。






Industry Expert Speakers



Chiefs of Navy/ Coast Guard



Flag Officers Present

Learn from industry leading speakers

Key Topics To Be Addressed in 2016 Include:

Coastal Surveillance

Interpreting the Regulation Updates that Empower the Revolution of Biopharma Supply Chain in China

Maritime Security

Mapping a Network of Interconnected Biopharma Value Chain

Humanitarian Assistance

Ensuring the Quality Traceability of Cold Chain for Vaccines along Manufacturing, Storage and Distribution

Maritime Domain Awareness

Breaking business and information silos to establish an ecosystem of supply chain quality control

Naval Firepower

Empowering biopharma supply chain management by adopting cutting-edge technology and tools

Naval Procurement & Assets

Developing a Holistic View on Clinical Supply Chain to Mitigate Risk and Plan in Advance

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